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Re: CD Writer

I currently use a Plextor 12/10/32 SCSI CDRW, and am very pleased with
it. My burner before that was a Yamaha 4260t (4x2x6), and it is still
running without any problems as well. I'm partial to SCSI burners ....
sure, portability is nice, but I'd rather go with a SCSI burner any day.


On Tue, 2001-11-20 at 00:43, Howland, Curtis wrote:
> I would be interested to discuss things with someone who is using a CD
> writer under Debian.
> I don't need anything flashy, a USB connected device would be best from
> a convenience standpoint, but are there any non-obvious problems? Here
> in Japan, USB CD-RW drives are easy to get, but I would like to
> short-cut my search if there are a few Debian-friendly brands or types
> to specifically look for.
> Yes, I'm running the 2.4.12 kernel.
> Direct mail please,
> Curt-
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> Curt Howland                      +81-3-5772-5832
> KVH Telecom Japan, Ltd.    IDC Division
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