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Debian rescue disk replaced kernel

Hi, I'm running into a problem here and wanted to see if anyone else saw
something like it before.

I was following the instructions in "Technical information on the Boot
Floppies"  to replace the Rescue Floppy Kernel, as I have a machine with a
promise raid controller I want to use for the root.  I put 2.4.14 (with
the loop.c modification) on the disk.

Bootup looks fine, it detects the controller and disks, etc.  Everything
looks good until it goes to load the root ramdisk.  It finds the
compressed image, says it mounts, and then gets "no init found".  I
confirmed that this ramdisk works with a standard boot floppy.

I tried several combinations of init= parameters, though those didn't
work, as expected.

So, what simple thing am I missing?  Thanks in advance for your input.

Director of Computing Resources
The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

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