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Unwanted debug info from woody postgresql

With postgresql 7.1.3-4 (the current woody version as of last Friday),
I'm getting a large number of messages logged by postgres at 4:00
every morning, most of them prefaced with "DEBUG:".  This strikes me as
rather odd, given that /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf explicitly states
"debug_level = 0".

Checking the BTS, I found a number of similar reports for older versions
(all listed as resolved), so it appears that this may be a recurring
problem.  No mention of it for anything more recent than 7.0, though.

How can I convince postgres to run silently?  (Or, perhaps more
accurately, how can I get /usr/lib/postgresql/bin/do.maintenance to
run silently?  cron is calling it with only -a (analyze) and not -v

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