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Re: Recording externaly sourced sound?

First, apt-get install gramofile. It's way better for recording,
especially from albums or tapes. Also apt-get install snd. It's a pretty
good tool for loading the waves you record and fine-tuning the editing,
especially when gramofile gets the track splitting wrong.

Second, run your mixer and make sure that the sound card is set to use
the line-in for the recording source, and make sure that line-in is not
muted or set to zero. Also make sure that the igain is not muted or set
to zero. Linein is the channel for your line, while igain is the master
input channel. Depending on your sound card, you might not have an igain
channel. Gramofile displays a sound meter while it's recording, so if
you tape with gramofile, you'll know pretty quickly if you're getting
sound in from your line.

Finally, you do have to fine-tune your line in volume. Too loud, and you
get a bad mp3 conversion, or worse, you'll get clipped samples. I found
that if the recordings are too loud, then a VBR mp3 ends up encoding
most everything at 256 or ever 320 bits. If your linein is too soft,
those mp3s will be way out of line with mp3s ripped from a cd. I've
found that a recording that results in 1-5% of the samples above 50% max
volume gives the best results. That statistic is displayed by gramofile
after you've recorded some input.

"Stan Brown" <stanb@awod.com> writes:

> I want to be able to play on my laptop some music that I have on LP's,
> cassettes ect only.
> First step seems to be to get this sound converted to digita, right.
> So, I hooked up the tape output of my preamp to the line in on my sound
> card. Music came out of the computer speakers. This looked good. So I did:
> cat < /dev/dsp > sounfile
> But when I trued to play this back with:
> cat < soundfile > /dev/dsp
> I did not get anything out.
> What am I doing wrong?

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