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Re: woody and sid

On Sun, 2001-11-18 at 00:06, Michel Loos wrote:
> On Sat, 2001-11-17 at 21:30, Geoff Beaumont wrote:
> > I run Woody on my desktop machine and have almost no trouble with it -
> > there's been the occasional broken package which I've had to roll back
> > after doing an apt-get dist-upgrade, but nothing that took more than a
> > few minutes to figure out and fix (I'm not a Debian guru). Even this
> > doesn't happen often - on average perhaps once every couple of months,
> > purely from personal experience.
> > 
> > I might hesitate to use it on a server without good reason, but on a
> > Desktop the far more up-to-date packages make it well worth it.
> I run Woody both on a server and on 2 desktops without any real
> problems.
> Rule of thumb when dselect gives you a list of dependency problems: just
> don t upgrade at that moment it will be fixed in the week.
> All problems we saw with woody the last few monthes were X related which
> is of no concern at all for the server which doesn t even have a screen
> attached to it. For the desktops it took some time to resolve the
> installation problems but with the help of this list it took only some
> hours.

I do leave upgrades if there are dependency problems - but I had a
couple of packages that were actually broken when I downloaded them (one
wouldn't install due to a missing file, others have installed but had
bugs). I've either fixed them if it's trivial, lived with it till the
package maintainer fixed it or rolled the package back to the old
version and locked it at that until it's been fixed.

That said, as far as I can remember the few problems I've had have all
been with X software anyway...

I didn't have any trouble with the Desktop install - in fact it was
easier than Potato on this machine - mainly because it's got a G450
graphics card which only works with XFree86 4. I did kind of cheat
though - I installed a Potato base system from CD then changed
sources.list to point at testing.

Geoff Beaumont

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