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Re: xscreensaver on woody

The man page has some specific info on xdm and gdm but nothing on wdm.
I'm no guru but my suggestion is if you don't have some reason that you
need a gui login screen, get rid of it, and just use startx to start X.
Then you can just put the command xsreensaver in your gnome control
panel startup programs.  In fact that may work without removing wdm.  
It worked for me.  I had to run xsreensaver-demo and unselect all the 
screensavers that won't work with my non-3d graphics card and then I was 
in business.

To remove wdm use dselect or apt-get remove wdm.  Then I'd check to make
sure there wasn't a wdm script in /etc/init.d.  If there is use
update-rc.d wdm remove.  May need to throw a -f in there.

On Thu 08 Nov 2001, George Karaolides wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm running woody, using the icewm window manager.
> I can start xscreensaver from the command line, and I need to get it to
> start when I log in (from wdm).  I've tried to put "xscreensaver
> -no-splash &" in my ~/.xsession file without success.
> Any ideas?
> George Karaolides       8, Costakis Pantelides St.,

Mike McNally		mmcnally3@prodigy.net

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