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Re: 404s on update/install

Brian Nelson wrote:

> If the packages are 404, the older Packages.gz list won't be valid
> either.

Ah, yes, because the old packages are being deleted as the new ones are
copied in. And due to disk space limitations, it might not be possible
to have both yesterday's and today's packages online at the same time
(which would at least allow the old package list to be valid until the
new packages were all in place).

> Jeez, if you're running sid, you really should follow the devel list,
> in which case you would have read the discussion about this
> yesterday.  One dev said the ftp-master went down during the sync,
> another was looking for problems with rsync.

Okay. Looks like debian-devel generally has lower traffic than
debian-user, so I suppose following it wouldn't add too much to my mail
load. Thanks for the suggestion.


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