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Re: java2?

Michael P. Soulier wrote:

>    Hey people.=20
>    I notice that jdk1.1 is in unstable, and I was wondering if Debian ever
>plans to include Java2. Is there a licensing issue I don't know about?=20

There's a port for java2 sdk 1.3 (can't remember if it's blackdown's
or what...). Anyway, Sun made Blackdown and other entities who wish to port the java2 sdk to sign NDA's, thus the licensing issue - can't 
distribute them with the regular CD's. hope that would change in the
future (Sun looks a bit promising on this... M$ a distant reality...)

The ported j2sdk1.3 for linux are available for the potato, woody
and sid versions of debian gnu/linux.

Paolo Falcone


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