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Gigabyte GA-7ZX & sound chip


I am now stuck. I am unable to get sound out of the box in front of me,
and I am at the end of the list of things I can try.

I have a machine based on a Gigabyte GA-7ZX. It has a 1.2 Ghz AMD and
512Mb. I have managed to establish that the sound chip on the board
requires the es1371 module, and this I selected at installation time,
and it duly appears in /etc/modules.

This is where the problem arises. If the module is left in the
/etc/modules file, then my Gnome desktop locks up solid and the only way
out is to pull the power lead out of the back of the box! If es1371 is
commented-out then Gnome runs perfectly, but in absolute silence.

I have had sound running fine on two other boxes with different sound
chips, so I am reasonably sure that my method is good in principle, but
I cannot get it to work in with particular combination. Hopefully
someone else has encountered, and solved, what I clearly cannot.

My only requirement is that the solution does not go outside "stable". I
am finding Linux a big enough challange without bringing in
"testing/unstable/sid" into the equation

Can any one help?

  Keith O'Connell                  |     "That which does not kill
  Maidstone, Kent (UK)             |      us, usually still hurts.
  keith_oconnell@blueyonder.co.uk  |   That's just life, I'm afraid"

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