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Re: Preparations for installing a Farm

On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 01:06:23PM -0000, martin f krafft wrote:

> just add the UK mirror next to yours. then the internet will only be
> used for the potato files. or use a potato CDROM in apt's sources.list
> for potato only.

OK, I'll give it a go. Would that be a entry for the testing or stable part
of the UK mirror?

> >    The problem is that when I use "dpkg --set-selections < [file]" it
> >    appears to add the extra packages I've chosen, but not remove packages
> >    I've gotten rid of of the first machine. Does anybody know of a method to
> >    get a package selection list from machine A to machine B, so machine B
> >    ends up with exactly the same packages installed regardless of what was
> >    there before?
> do you purge or delete packages?

I tend to purge, trying to keep the system as clean as possible. 

> > Also, any other pointers that people may have if you've ever attempted this
> > before. Thanks
> do you have identical hdd's (size) and mostly identical hardware
> configurations? then imaging would be the best...

At the moment we've only built the first machine, the others will follow if
this is a success. All will try to be as similar as possible, but becuase
there's going to be a time delay in buying bits, I'll bet things will be
slightly different.

Paul Sargent
mailto: Paul.Sargent@3Dlabs.com

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