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Wierd Mouse Problem

Help me please.

I am using the testing distribution with gpm and the XFree86 v4.

I have a PS/2 mouse, with a middle button/wheel. It seems to be working OK, 
however, sometimes the point at which the mouse is pointing, and the icon 
do not agree. The icon is a little to the right of the proper place.

I tend not to use the mouse that much, so I have not been able to identify 
exactly when it happens, however it ?may? be related to trying to access some 
web pages containing Java. (I am using Netscrape.)

When the fault happens I have tried restarting gpm and xdm, without good

The only way I have found for a cure is to reboot. (Boo Hiss!)

Any Ideas.

Dave Whiteley
Phone 044 (0)113 2332059
School of Electronic amnd Electrical Engineering
The University of Leeds. Leeds, LS2 9JT,  UK

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