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Re: Woody, reiserfs: used space on partitions < ~100MB?

#include <hallo.h>
Karsten M. Self wrote on Tue Nov 06, 2001 um 11:32:48PM:
> just a few percent used, with reiser the free space wsa about 50%.  I'm
> having similar issues with my / partition.

You hit the point. ReiserFS creates allways a Journal with 32MB size.

> I've currently left /tmp as ext2, but am curious as to why the usage
> under / is still 86% (it was closer to 50-60% prior to the switch.

Try ext3 if you want Journal which scales with available size. For
example, ext3's Journal needs 4MB on 50MB partition.

> Data?  The reiserfsprogs man pages  and Reiserfs website don't seem to
> provide any clues.  Other recommended filesystems that are fast and
> relatively error free for /tmp?

I see there is a lack of documentation.

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