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XFree 3 config - Modelines - Optimum monitor performances


I am trying to find a way to configure X so that my monitor performs at it's optimal capacity (1280x1024 @ 85Hz -- Hansol 900P).

I went through several X config - Modelines reference documents. ( ex: http://www.de.daemonnews.org/199901/xpert.html ) They're asking for specs that my manufacturor doesn't even give me! (ex: horizontal sync pulse, front porch, etc... ).

Is there an 'easy way' or a beginner-friendly-tutorial available on how to tune X so that I can improve the default-eye-annoying-60-Hz-of-vertical-frequency to the monitor's optimal capacity of 85 Hz?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Pat Mahoney, no 22

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