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Re: Newbie comments & queries

> 16 Mb RAM should be enough to run Linux without
> X Windows, but it is just enough to run linux and
> X Windows.  If you try to run any sizable applicaton
> alongside X Windows you will run into swapping
> problems.

Just want to add a comment, I just installed debian
for my friend in a Pentium 100Mhz 16Mb Ram; By
optimizing the kernel (self compiled) using fvwm95 as
window manager (wmaker should be ok too) it runs ok,
he got netscape to browse the net, got lots of games,
and word perfect to edit documents, gimp is also fine
( a bit slow if open large image); got speakfreely to
talk to his oversea friend without paying phone bill

So, what? it is fine with 16 Mb and Debian Linux :-)

Tips: You should run 2.2.19 kernel if less memory
Run fvwm95 or wmaker for window manager
Dont run gnome or kde.
Built your own kernel and select only options your
computer has ; refer to how to buil kernel .

Good luck

> I realise you are on a budget, but these days memory
> is cheap.  My advice is to try to get some more.
> It will be worth it.
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