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Re: some questions (after a HD crash)

this is getting way off the subject of the group but if, indeed, there are ibm parts in
the xbox, as you are a proxy reperesentative of big blue, i think that it's only right to
let you know that the xbox has absolutely nothing to do with nintendo. for more, check
the link.


lloyder@canada.com wrote:

> Fact and assertion do not necessarily negate each
> other.  Someone used the line on me once and I
> was wowed ;-)
> Regarding consumer pc: you are correct, in my
> opinion.  I appreciated that you must have had significant
> experience, because of your carefully worded "pc level hardware".
> Is there any chance that the number of IBM PC components
> out there is a facter in the number you have replaced.
> Though the ThinkPad series is definitely one of
> the best laptop lines, specificially for being solid and
> in terms of getting Linux going on it.
> USELESS FACT: the upcoming Nintendo X-Box, although somewhat
> specialized, is built by IBM for Nintendo.
> "IBM inside" ;-)

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