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Uptodate local Packages

Hi there,

after reading all manuals I've found, I still have a question how to
maintain a special subset of packages locally:

I'm pleased with most packages that come with potato. So I have
installed my linux system with that release. Now for apache, php, exim I
need more uptodate packages as potato provides. Apart from that I need
to build these packages with some options that are not nescessarily
switched on when the binary packages comes.

- I tried to apt-get install from the testing or unstable distribution,
but that updates a lot of library stuff too, and it seems to corrupt my

- I tried to get the potato source packages and do a uupdate with the
.tar.gz found on the internet, but that lead to many rejections of
hunks, and I don't really get them fixed.

- I tried to find additional sources for apt. But with no success
concerning the packages above.

- I tried to apt-get source of the uptodate packages (from the unstable
release) but they seem to be even newer than the current stable
revisions of these packages.

Can anyone tell me how I can manage these things the easiest way? Maybe
I just lack some info to get through.

thanks a lot in advance,

Daniel Gleichauf
org:Pranke GmbH;Softwaredevelopment
adr:;;Stephanienstrasse 67;Karlsruhe;;76133;Germany
fn:Daniel Gleichauf

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