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wu-ftpd exploit?

A little while ago when I was running wu-ftpd there was people from all
around the world connecting to my FTP (originaly it was only meant for a
few people I know from a small IRC server.)  So I changed the password
for the account and then they started to login as root.  That's when I
knew I had to remove wu-ftpd (well I wanted to remove it for a while but
since I was never hacked before that I didn't care about it being insecure)
  I recently got rid of wu-ftpd and got proftpd instead.  I was just
wondering if there is some sort of exploit with wu-ftpd that would let
them find the password for accounts or if it is maybe something else
they used to get my passwords.  It was the newest version of wu-ftpd I
have debian unstable and I apt-get upgrade alot.

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