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Re: IMAP security

Does cyrus have the "all folders show up under INBOX" problem as courier does with netscape and mozilla? Appearantly this is a result of the client not the server? If cyrus doesn't how do they get around it?

nate wrote:

Antti Tolamo said:

And surprise suddenny  I can seewhole contents
directory of /var/www from Eudora.

are you using UW IMAP ? if so that is no suprise. that is
part of the design of UW ..i believe its intentional too.

i personally prefer cyrus, but many like courier imap.

i'd reccomend not using UW IMAP for any serious imap usage.
its OK for basic stuff, but has a lot of problems like browsing
directories and being very slow(try opening an inbox with 5,000
messages ..)


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