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Re: Network card problem

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 14:32, Raphael Bustin wrote:
> As it turns out, the file rtl8139.o exists on my
> debian/potato box, in at least one or two places.
Which Chip is it? Realtek 8139 or 8129?
If you have the 8139 you could/should use the

8139too # driver for ethernet card with Realtek chipset RTL8139 only

module instead of the old rtl8139.
It depends as well on the kernel version, but with 2.4.x the new module
is no longer experimental.

This module is normally locaed in /lib/modules/KERNELVERSION somewhere.
In 2.4.x kernels in: /lib/modules/2.4.10-ac11/kernel/drivers/net/

> As I understand it the next thing to do is install
> the module using 'insmod'.  This is where I'm having
> problems.
You should not use insmod, but modprobe.

> 'insmod' complains with "Device or resource busy"
> and suggests the problem may be an IO or IRQ conflict.
> Probing the PCI bus ('lspci -v' command) shows that
> an "unknown" ethernet board was found, at IRQ=11,
> IO=e000, mem=xxx and so on.
Have a look if your module is already running with lsmod

> Beyond this, I'm lost...  Hopefully someone can point
> us down the right path.
> If you need the .c or .o file, send me private email
> and I'll send them as attachments.  But I think you'll
> find at least the .c file on the floppy that came with
> the D-Link network card, and you'll probably find the
> corresponding .o file on your system somewhere already.
You should not use the provided drivers, normally they are heavily

Bye, Steffen

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