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Re: Squid in a school - problems with https

Phillip Deackes said:

> It might be useful if you could email me your squid.conf.

i can't email it ..opera/linux cannot upload files through
https(known bug). and since im writing this from a webmail
app i can't attach files :)

put i'll put it here:

as for IE vs NS.. i just reccomend testing it with another
browser. anytime there is ever a problem, i always test
with alternate browsers. lynx, mozilla, opera, netscape,
konquerer(sp?), etc. ..anything. one of my co workers
runs a website with a buncha rewrite rules with apache,
whenever someone accessed www.hissite.com the images wouldn't
load..but when they did www.hissite.com/ they loaded fine.
turns out both opera and netscape put the trailing slash in
no matter what andonly IE(figures) allows you to access
a site without a /. modifying the rewrite rules "fixed"
the problem.

so the issue is not being able to connect at all and not
a "caching" problem. as others have pointed out it is very
unlikely that squid, or any other proxy would attempt to
cache the data(see my previous email on that..) so i wouldn't
expect it to cache.

there is a known bug with IE and SSL. you mentioned the
cannot find site or DNS error. that is a well known bug,
ive seen it mentioned on the squirrelmail (squirrelmail.org)
mailing list many many times. there is a fix for it i believe.
i reccomend searching the archives for squirrelmail for
that error. other problems with SSL and IE can be server
related. again on Squirrelmail mailing list(there is tons
of IE and SSL questions/problems posted there) a buncha
people have had problems downloading attachments using IE/SSL.
while it works on my servers perfectly.(tribute to debian
i suppose)

good luck


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