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Re: Squid in a school - problems with https

* nate <debian-user@aphroland.org> [2001.11.04 12:25:37-0800]:
> > squid for SSL? uhm, how?
> easy.
> acl all src
> acl manager proto cache_object
> acl localhost src
> acl SSL_ports port 443 563
> acl Safe_ports port 80 21 443 563 70 210 910 1-99 1025-65535
> acl purge method PURGE
> acl CONNECT method CONNECT

okay, i saw these entries too. but what makes you believe that squid
actually proxies these? it may well be able to forward them, and it
has to if it is a non-transparent proxy for HTTPS, but there is no way
that it can decrypt the stream and cache the data - unless something
here is entirely broken, or i am failing to understand the trivial.

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