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Re: RFCs...

On 04-Nov-2001 Michael C. Alonzo wrote:
> may i propose that the debian-RFC package should be divided by subject,
> e.g, all RFC(standard) concerning mail should be in RFC/standard/mail/
> subdirectory and
> RFCs(best-current-practice) concerning TCP should be in
> RFC/best-current-practice/networking/tcp folder. reading RFCs
> (especially if you are a beginner-programmer) is a pain in the ass since
> you dont know what RFC are you goin to look for...
> any comments will be appreciated... tnx

not a bad suggestion.  However some things are not so simple.  rfc822 (the
definition of a mail message) is also used for net news and a few other items.

Why not make this request to the maintainer via a wishlist bug?  It would
definately make searching through rfcs go faster.

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