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Re: Parport/printer

on Sat, Nov 03, 2001 at 06:57:18AM -0600, Sophia Lewis (sophia@midnight.yerpso.net) wrote:
> I feel like and idiot here -- I can't seem to add a printer to my box ...
> It's sid running 2.4.13 with parport support the printer is recognized
> in dmesg, the /dev/lp nodes exist, but any attempt to use the printer
> is met with /dev/lp0(or 1 or 2 or just plain lp) does not exist
> The linux-printing HOWTO wasn't really any help and while I googled
> and found *many* people with this same problem, no real authorative 
> answer presented itself.
> Pointers, links and direction appreciated.

You need lp support compiled, and if a module, loaded.

If you've got a BIOS which allows the OS to mediate parallel port
support, you're going to have to set this so that the BIOS, not the OS,
manages the port.  I've run into this problem in the past, though IIRC
the parallel port wasn't listed during boot messages.


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