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Re: IDE CD recorder, in machine with SCSI tape?

On Saturday 03 November 2001 01:37, Stan Brown wrote:
> NOw, acording to the CD Recording HOWTO, I should be able to run "cdrecord
> -scanbus" and see what my avaialble devise are. Unfortunately, on both
> machines it just reports 7 slots, one of which has the SCSI tape in it.

I've always had problems with "cdrecord -scanbus" I never seem to get the 
second scsi bus on my machines (where all the CD burners are) scaned but 
using "cdrecord dev=1,4,0 speed=8 /path/to.iso" works fine for my 8x4x24 Yam.

First off SCSI emulation is the second scsi bus (as the first bus is your 
real scsi card). I'd be guessing that a virtual scsi controler would at the 
first scsi device (1,0,0) so I'd try 1,1,0. What I would do is to try to burn 
a cd without a cd in the burner starting at 1,0,0 and increasing that second 
number (the device id), you'll either get something about the device not 
existing or it'll barf when it checks the media but before then you'll get a 
load of info about te burner.


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