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Debian multimedia system - KDM and Xmodmap

> I'm setting up a computer as a multimedia center using Debian (Sid).
> Is there a way to log in and start a X session (I prefer not to use KDM/GDM 
> etc. I know I can use them-at least KDM), and when exiting the session 
> shutdown the machine ? 
> I'm going to use WindowMaker on that machine (less resources).

Well, I finally resorted to KDM. On boot the user is auto logged in to 

I've mapped special keys on the keyboard using /etc/X11/Xmodmap e.g: I have a 
key named close on the keyboard and it is mapped to F20. and in WindowMaker's 
menu I've attached ALT-F20 to the command "sudo halt".

The problem is that on 1st login (the auto login) the keys are not mapped. 
only after I logout and login again using a password, the keys are mapped 
correctly, as if KDM isn't using Xmodmap on autologin.

Any ideas ?

Meir Kriheli

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