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Re: I need some advice on :


Java uses JDBC for all RDBMS access. Simple JSP's / Servlet's can use this directly. For complex applications you will need to look into EJB's and application servers.

shyamk@eth.net wrote:

Dear members ,
        I have heard about something called TDS (not Tax Deducted / Stolen at
Source) .I presume that it is a database (an RDBMS) . Please correct me if I am wrong

2. How do you get a JSP , or Java application/applet/ orangelet/servlet , etc ,
communicate with a database , all running on Linux?
Please provide me some pointers to places from where I can get information on this.
I know that all what we currently know is regarding the
same stuff on the Windows platform , where you need JDBC-ODBC stuff.

Warm Regards,

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