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Re: Q: dns /exim / inetd (?) slow startup (2)

Hi all,

Once upon a time Ingo Hohmann spoketh thus:
> Hi to all,
> I'm still trying to find out what may make name resolution
> and exim startup to slow down to a crawl ...
> (smrgol is my local host, ip:
> If I do a 
>   ping smrgol
> I get an instant answer, but if I
>   telnet smrgol
> it takes about 30s until I'm connected. On the other hand
>   telnet
> connects instantly.
> Another problem is exim. It normally is started from inetd,
> so I do
>   telnet smtp

I've tried all your ideas, but nothing helped, seems
there's something more hidden in my system ...

(It happens locally, without netconnection, /etc/hosts is there
and right, /etc/host.conf, too ... to start exim by hand takes
30 secs, too ...)

Thanks again,


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