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samba configuration with swat


I am having a problem with the way the swat package is set up I think. 
I use netscape to log into swap with the url:http://localhost:901/. 
This works fine and I get the icons of the different features that I can
modify.  The only problem is that when I select any of the help pages
nothing happens.  I found the files that the help links refer to.  I
don't know where swat mounts itself in my directory structure so I don't
know if its 'root' location is correct.  It does seem to me though as if
there is a problem with the location of the help files though because
there is no help/htmldocs directory at all.  Somebody please help me
with this.  Note that I just reinstalled samba, samba-docs, smbclient,
swat, samba-common and smbfs from the latest stable.  I am new to samba
and swat and I need the help files to properly configure the dang thing.


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