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Re: Is it a bug?


AFAIK most of the 'official' Australian debian mirrors are broken in unstable
and testing.
I put mirror.aarnet.edu.au _and_ http.us.debian.org in sources.list in order to
be sure it works (and then I still have that nasty problem with the dead server
on http.us.debian.org)

http.au.debian.org is a complete waste of time for unstable or testing.

John P Foster

Erik Christiansen wrote:

>         Following an update from a working "stable" Debian installation,
> to "unstable" (from an Australian mirror), running startx elicited:
> X: cannot stat /etc/X11/X (No such file or directory)
>         Trying:  strings /usr/bin/X11/X | grep X | more
>         shows "/etc/X11/X" appears in the executable.
>         The update had blown away startx, necessitating an apt-get
> in order to get onto first base.
>         I'm now in a quandary: Did the update blow away more than just
> a little, necessitating a re-installation from CD?
> Erik
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