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Re: Failing installing kernel-image-2.4.10 under woody

In article <[🔎] 20011024104341.A1808@dada.it> vdemart@supereva.it writes:
>depmod: Unexpected value (20) in '/lib/modules/2.4.10-586/kernel/drivers/ieee1394/sbp2.o' for ieee1394_device_size
>	It is likely that the kernel structure has changed, if so then
>	you probably need a new version of modutils to handle this kernel.

Like the messages says, that kernel isn't compatable with the modutils
you have installed.  You need an older version of modutils :-( I think
modutils 2.4.8-1 will work (it does with kernel 2.4.9).  I've got a
copy available on
(It's no longer in testing.)

Blars Blarson 					blarson@blars.org
"Text is a way we cheat time." -- Patrick Nielsen Hayden

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