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Re: KMail and Outlook?

on Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 08:24:20PM +1000, joel_mayes@dingoblue.net.au (joel_mayes@dingoblue.net.au) wrote:

> > > I'm just facing a rather "unnatural" problem: My mom uses Linux
> > > and KDE for several weeks now aside Windows (same HDD!) - and
> > > she's really satisfied.  She does all Internet-stuff in Linux,
> > > also eMail. But she often gets eMails from University with
> > > "Windows-only"-attachments (M$-Word-files, ...) and she's
> Have a look at wv, a series of programs for converting M$ workd file
> in to several formats, with this it's a no-brainer to write a wraper
> script to allow you to view word attachments from most e-mail program

This used to be wordview.  There's also catdoc (MSWord to text) and
antiword (MSWord to text/Postscript).  AbiWord does pretty well with
rendering and manipulating MS Word docs.  OpenOffice is probably the
gold standard for near-complete compatibility.


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