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Re: File search question

* Mark Carroll (mark@chaos.x-philes.com) [011021 12:38]:
> Just wondering, is there a way to get a list of all the files on the
> system that:
> (a) Aren't "owned" by any installed packages

Well, it's easy to get a list of files owned by a particular package,
but the packaging system would have no way of keeping files that are not
owned by any package. (just touch /tmp/foo and that list would be out of

A very inefficient way would be to get a listing of all files on your
system (i.e. using find) and a listing of all packages under dpkg's
control (i.e. using something like "dpkg -l | cut ... | xargs dpkg -L")
and comparing the two.

> (b) Differ from any default provided by a package
> ...?
> I guess that (b) would be impossible without consulting the original
> .deb's, unless the system stores md5sums or something for all owned files.

have a look at debsums.

good times,

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