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Re: GeForce3: X won't start!!!!

Not  sure if  you're  having the  same  problem, but  in  my case  the
Geforce3  would  not  work  in  any mode  higher  than  16bpp.  Nvidia
acknowledged this  as a bug  (but only after  I'd spent a week  on the
it, gaah).


Aaron Traas <adt6247@njit.edu> writes:

> I just got a new GeForce3, and am having problems getting X working at
> all. I'm using an AMD 760 based motherboard with a 1ghz Athlon and SB
> Live!. 
> I compiled a new kernel, and the NVIDIA kernel module and GLX package. I
> modified XF86Config-4 as the instructions said. When I type "startx", I
> get the cool NVIDIA splash screen, and then X just exits. The real
> annoyance is there is NO error message given in the log.
> I'm using Woody, the newest version (1541) of the NVIDIA drivers, and
> the 2.4.9 kernel. This is really bugging me! Help!
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