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Re: Woody & Gnome problems

> I've just installed woody with xfree 4.1 and gnome 1.4, all from scratch.
> I've had some problems to launch X because issuing "startx" linux has
> been complaining that X was not executable. I've relinked X (which
> pointed to a non existent xserver_svga) to XFree86 and it all worked
> properly AS ROOT.
> Unfortunately, under a newly-defined user (dada) X invariably fails to
> start.  Now I've tried with the classical .xinitrc & .xsession with
> the only line "gnome-session" to no avail.
> What's wrong with it and what should I do or check?
> Vittorio

What is written in /etc/X11/Xserver?
When responding, please quote my entire message.

    Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net>

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