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Re: how to make Lexmark Z11 work with Debian?

On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 09:07:08AM +0800, Jerry Wang wrote:
| now the following packages are installed on my Debian -- cupsomatic-ppd,
| cupsys, cupsys-pstoraster, xpp, apsfilter, lpr

You should also add cupsys-client and cupsys-bsd (cupsys-bsd provides
the 'lpr' and 'lpq' commands, you'll probably remove the 'lpr'
package) and the cupsys-driver-gimpprint package.  You will need the
clients to submit jobs to the cups system, and you'll also want the
gimpprint drivers since the previous poster said they worked for him.

| when I execute xpp, it shows "No printer found, aborting." within an
| alert dialog box. what should I do next step?

Have you configured any printers yet (with cups, that is)?  If not, do
so.  You can use either the 'lpadmin' command or point a web browser
at http://localhost:631.  The cups package provides _lots_ of
documentation too.  All of it is accessible as HTML at the above URL.


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