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Re: kdm/xdm don't start WindowManager

Reto said:
> Hi!
> I have Debian Sid installed with the current XFree86 and current
> drivers  for my GeForce. The X Server runs fine, I can start kdm or
> xdm without any  problems.
> But when I start one of them and it asks me for login, it is not
> able to  start the WindowManager itself. Screen is black, then it
> returns to the  login screen again.

i have the same problem in woody. don't know where the bug is
yet. nobody responded to my mail. i upgraded another system
to woody a few days earlier and it works fine. the only workaround
i found is to install kdm, and login using failsafe, then
launch your windowmanager from the xterm that pops up.

if you find a solution lemme know. hopefully it gets uploaded to
woody as im not gonna go near sid.


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