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Re: X in Woody: you gotta be fscking kidding!

Ok, here's what I learned. 

0. Make sure you have a backup copy of XF86Config-4.

1. Dexconf (the program that configures X in debian) is run
   *every* time xserver package is updated.
   It should run 1) on initial X installation, 2) on major
   upgrade that introduces changes in config file, and 3)
   when I run it manually after hardware upgrade.

2. Dexconf asks you if you want to overwrite XF86Config-4.
   If you answer "no", it will proceed with questions about
   your hardware etc.
   It should FOAD (which part of "no" does it not understand?).
2.a. Because of 1. and 2. you have to answer all those questions
  over and over again. There's a good chance that you will eventually
  answer "yes" to 2. by mistake (I have to ass-u-me that's how my
  XF86Config-4 got overwritten). See 0.

3. nVidia drivers are not in dexconf's database. If you use an
   nVidia card, ignore dexconf's questions and see 0.
4. Dexconf has no clue about X font handling. If you have TTFs set
   up, dexconf will overwrite that. See 0.

This only applies to unstable distros: presumably, once the distro 
is stable, xserver packages don't get updated, and dexconf isn't
used anyway. So there's litte reason to fix dexconf. So expect it 
to remain brain-dead. See 0.

5. People on these lists will swallow every troll you include in
   your post. They will pay much attention to every four-letter word
   in your post. They will *not* try to stop and think about the
   problem you're describing.
Dima (anyone knows what happened to Dave Cinege? -- just curious)
Surely there is a polite way to say FOAD.                        -- Shmuel Metz
"Go forth and multiply".                                         -- Paul Martin

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