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Re: Bridges Anyone?

* Mike Barton <mike@dad.state.vt.us> [2001.10.19 15:00:56-0400]:
> Hi all! Here's the story... I'd like to setup a dual NIC Debian box to act
> as a filtering bridge. The goal is to filter IP traffic in by port and,
> hopefully, other protocols. For example, I'd like to ship traffic destined
> to two (or more) web servers to their respective hosts untouched. However,
> any other IP requests for port 80 would be silently dropped. The traffic
> through the bridge would use real IP addresses which makes NAT unsuitable.

bridges don't know nothin' about IP. what you are talking is a router.
bridges only talk e.g. ethernet (MAC addresses).

> Any pointers, hints, greatly appreciated....

kernel 2.2 on the machine: ipchains
kernel 2.4 on the machine: iptables

have a look at the HOWTOs for ipchains at linuxdoc.org or for iptables
at netfilter.samba.org.

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