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Re: installing

 ivo ivo wrote:

One posting should be enough. Please send in plain test only.

I bought a set of Debian 2.2r3. There are 3 source cds, 3 binary alpha
cds and 3 binary i386 cds.
I want to install Debian into DEC Personal Workstation 600a, I've upgrade
the bios and now I'm using SRM console.
I want to ask how to install Debian into my workstastion? I've read your
site about installing Debian for alpha, but I still can't understand how to make bootdisk and what is the purpose of source cd, binary alpha cd, binary
i386 cd??

binary alpha --> binaries for the Alpha architecture
binary i386 --> binaries for i386 compatible PCs
source CD --> the sources

I also want to try to boot by CD-ROM, please tell me the command should I write in SRM console.

Don't know how to boot from CD on an Alpha on a PC just set the boot order in the BIOS that it looks for a bootable CD first.


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