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Competing print models on woody

	I managed to get printing enabled in woody by 
	'apt-get install printtool' and messing about with the
	filters until it worked (to cut a long story short).

	I then realised that lprng was the native print model for
	Debian so I apt-installed that. In the process it deleted
	a file used by printtool.

	Now, nothing works. I've tried 'apt-get remove printtool'
	but keep getting the message:
	"Fatal Error - Another print spooler is using TCP printer port 
	- not LPRng"
	There does not appear to be any entry under 'man lprng'.

	'apt-get install printtool' changes nothing ...

	How do I activate the native Debian print model ?

	Adam Bogacki,

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