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Re: can i run caldera linux with windows xp together?

Your subject doesn't match ;-).  I'll assume the subject is in error
and you meant Debian.

On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 03:17:16PM -0700, Shouguo Li wrote:
| hi, i have a question about installing debian linux on my computer.
| i have a laptop with windows xp installed, can i partition my hard
| drive and install debian linux, too?

I have no experience with winxp, but Debian (linux in general) is not
jealous and has no problems sharing the disk with other OSes.  There
are several bootloaders to choose from depending on your platform,
lilo and grub are the most popular.  The biggest trick is configuring
the bootloader to boot windows and make windows happy.  For example,
the following snippet of a grub config file boots windows -- I've
actually used it for win98 and win2k :

#title       M$ Windo~1
root        (hd0,0)
chainloader +1      # Chainload from the first sector

Some of the known issues with booting windows include :
    o win95 (others too I think) will only work if they are on the
        first hard disk.  May even need the first partition or a
        primary partition.
    o winnt/win2k are more complicated to get lilo to chainload them
        (according to the docs on linuxdoc.org and my futile
        attempts).  The above snippet works fine with grub.
    o winme has no DOS (maybe XP too?).  I don't know if this is
        significant wrt booting from non-MS boot loaders

Basically what it comes down to is how flexible did MS make windows
this time around?  I don't know since I don't have XP anywhere to play


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