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Re: Help/Info on E-Mail Headers

on Sun, Oct 14, 2001 at 01:37:04AM -0500, Donald R. Spoon (dspoon@satx.rr.com) wrote:
> An earlier post "mail headers - why do they differ? Sam Varghese "
> caused me to do a bit of investigation here, and I noted the same thing
> happening on my posts to this group.  Since I don't have an MTA setup to
> pass my E-Mail on to the internet, I use the Road Runner SMTP & POP
> servers for all my external E-Mail MTA needs.  I noticed that their
> servers were making "SENDER" line that was composed of my LAN username +
> the host name of the (supposed) SMTP server.  You can probably see it on
> this post, where "dad" is the username only on my LAN.
> Now here comes the interesting part.  It only does this when I use the
> Netscape E-Mail client!  It doesn't do this with KMAIL or OUTLOOK
> (blush).  So it appears that Netscape is doing something that the other
> clients are not doing....or vice-versa, maybe.  I have searched through
> all the config options that I can find in Netscape, but I can't see
> anything that seems to be wrong.

Netscape does this, I've had the same problem.  It's broken.  The 3.x
and 4.x clients are at or near the end of their development track and
will likely not be fixed. 

Netscape sucks.  It blows.  It's crap.  Ditch it.

I'll repeat my prior advice:  get a real client.

For browsing:  Galeon, Konqueror, Mozilla, Skipstone, or Opera.

For mail:  mutt, Sylpheed, Kmail, Mozilla, Evolution, Balsa, Gnus (under
emacs), and others.  I strongly recommend mutt.  I'd also recommend you
get a single-purpose client -- it's going to do its job better.

> Does anyone know of a config option that would change this behavior,
> OR is it possible to make another E-Mail client the default mailer
> whenever I am using Netscape??  (Like Kmail).

The latter.

There's an off chance that you can get around this with exim rewrite
rules, but IIRC I never quite worked this out.


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