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woody: icewm/gnome issues

Hi all,

I've got a nice fresh woody installation.

Under potato, I was very happy with the combination of icewm
(icewm-gnome) and gnome, so I went for that again. Before installing
gnome, however, I installed the ordinary icewm package.

When I got gnome installed (I used whatever option it was from tasksel,
as I had done for X), and also installed icewm-gnome, it came up with a
message telling me that my window manager was not gnome compliant, and
that I should change. So I went in to change it, and sure enough it was
using the standard icewm, with the other one not shown.

So that's really my first question - shouldn't something have noticed
that I had installed icewm-gnome, and made it available?

It also still comes up telling me that it's not gnome-compliant, and
does such silly things as hiding title bars under a new menubar across
the top of the screen, until I switch window managers, and switch back

Icewm also now appears to keep its own taskbar - the old version, in its
gnome incarnation, turned it off as the gnome panel goes there instead.
Now icewm's taskbar hides under the panel.

The menubar across the top of the screen is something else new, which I
see no use for - it has the pager thingy, but that was fine in the panel
before - can I get that back how it was?

And finally, icewm now has much smaller, cylindrical-looking titlebars,
with small illegible fonts and symbols (at least on my 14"monitor @
1024x768). Is it possible to get the old icewm back?

Sorry about the long post, and many thanks in advance :-)


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