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Re: Working with standards (was Re: Oops, forgot...)

Hi All,

firstly, these are just my opinions so lets not start a war. 

I think most of us would agree that linux is not the easiest to use and in X,
it is not the fastest and still not near the ease of use of windows - Mozilla
takes a good few seconds to load up on at least the lower spec machines and
what about nautilus which seems to take forever.

Don't get me wrong. I love linux and dislike microsoft and their products,
However, IMHO, linux applications have some way to come before they can fully
compete with Windows applications. I use linux over ms every opportunity I get
and am willing to wait a few seconds mozilla loading up or figuring out why
some application isn't entirely working but how many others who needs "work
done" would be willing to do that ?

Linux is a couple of steps behing in ease of use in comparison to windows.
Windows is weak where linux is especially strong like stability and
flexibility. Ms has billions of dollars to invest getting windows to be as good
as Linux whereas the linux community has mostly its followers (of which there
are plenty but not if ms gets to be as good as linux and win2k seems a step in
the right direction) Being in this position, shouldn't we be investing our time
and effort in improving the ease of use of linux rather than blaming ms for
their faults which they are investing a lot of money trying to fix.

Apologies if I have treaded on your toes - that was not the intention, just to
voice some opinions.

Thanx for listening,


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