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Re: Re: ext3 on woody safe for a production machine?

Alson van der Meulen wrote:

>On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 11:49:45AM +0200, Johann Spies wrote:
>> I am a newbie ftp-administrator trying to build a new ftp-server for
>> our university.
>> Setup:
>> Compaq Proliant 3700
>> Redhat 7.1 (currently with 2.4.9 kernel)
>> Three other machines each with 4x40g IDE hard disks.  They are Enbd
>> servers with the Compaq as client.  The Compaq as ftp-server then use
>> the nbd-devices as storage giving us just less than 480G of space.
>> While testing the software and hardware we had the following problems
>> so far:
>> Kernel unstability with 2.4.9-ac3, ac16 and ac18 and some of 
>> unstability using reiserfs on the nbd-devices. We did not determine
>> whether the problem was on the kernel's side or from reiserfs in
>> combination with nbd.
>> Now I want to try ext3 on the nbd-devices.  The reason is that
>> fsck'ing the 12 nbd-devices takes a lot of time.  A journalling file
>> system can help. I have 6 unofficial woody CD's and I see that
>> ext3-utilities are part of woody (which is not the case with Redhat
>> 7.1 which most of the machines here use).  
>> What are the experiences in this group with woody and ext3?  Would you
>> recommend it for a setup like ours?
>I use it at home, works fine. Didn't stress test it though. I guess it's
>quite stable since it's mainly based on ext2, which is around for quite
>some time.
>Have you considdered XFS yet? It's comparable with reiserfs regarding
>speed (and like reiserfs faster than ext[23] for some operations). IIRC
>XFS' main purpose was for file servers. I don't know how stable XFS is
>more info: http://oss.sgi.com/projects/xfs/
>A file system benchmark with XFS, Reiserfs and ext2 (performance nearly
>same as ext3): http://bulmalug.net/body.phtml?nIdNoticia=642

Yes, go for XFS if you want a filesystem that handles big files 
satisfactorily (beats reiserfs when used with very big database files,
as reiserfs goes best with _many_ small files as opposed to a few
_very big_ files). I use reiserfs just for my /home partition, while
the others are in XFS (so I can easily delete unwanted users, since
reiserfs deletes very fast).

Paolo Alexis Falcone


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