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Re: How to run testing and stay sane?

On Sunday 07 October 2001 22:04, Richard Cobbe wrote:
> Before I do the upgrade, though, I'd like to ask for advice on general
> tactics people use for running testing or unstable and still maintaining a
> mostly usable system.

Testing seems to run pretty fine by itself. If you so much as suspect a 
problem, you just do 
	apt-get install fred/stable
and see if it goes away; if it does, you'll probably want to  
	reportbug fred
possibly after reinstalling fred/testing.

> I know breakages will happen from time to time, 

I can only think of one app in some months that I *had* to do the above with.

> but
> I'd like to minimize their impact as much as reasonable.  Basically, I
> don't mind spending a little bit of time and energy dealing with issues,
> but I'd prefer to use my computer primarily to get useful work done, rather
> than constantly tweaking the OS and packaging system.
> So, what I already know:
> * Know the packaging tools.  Besides just reading the man pages for apt,
>   dpkg, and dselect, are there any other places I should go for
>   information?
> * I know how to do the upgrade (edit /etc/apt/sources.list, then apt-get
>   update ; apt-get dist-upgrade); I'm mostly interested in methods for
>   maintaining the system after it's been upgraded.

Leave the stable entries in sources.list, just copy them and substitute 
names. Then the downgrade trick will work.

> What I'm not clear on
> * If a particular package breaks, it would be useful to roll back to the
>   last working version of that package (where possible).  Trick is, this
>   requires having the last working version of the package available for
>   install somewhere.  Do the Debian download servers maintain old versions
>   of the package files, or would I have to keep copies of them all locally?

They're in stable. Or, if you use a local apt-mirror with the delete setting 
set low, they're in there. 

[snip rest; I have no good answers]

cheers, Rich.

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