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Re: Sendmail not sending queue's out.

> not me... Hell, I'm lucky if I remember to respond once ;-)
Odd, just got another one.  Nothing in my mqueue matches this.. I'm
wondering why it keeps coming back.

Anyways, i see a few connection reset by peer, a connection timed out, and
a mailbox unavailable in my /var/spool/mqueue.  Some have been in the
queue for 3 days.  I just manually sendmail -q'd, and one of the 3 day old
ones went away.

> Throw the bat book at them - makes a very good lart
It's one of those make money by browsing thingys.  Too lazy to
unsubscribe, so i just removed the email address i used.

> Don't keep me in suspense...  Have you looked at the new queueing
> support, and perused /etc/mail/sendmail.conf ?
Nope, didn't install any mail services on it, just used ssmtp.
Haven't had time lately to play with much, mostly running around in
circles fixing MCSE bearing supervisor mistakes.


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