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Re: Sendmail not sending queue's out.

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Mike Dresser wrote:

> I'm sorta wondering about this.  I've gotten this email about 8 times so
> far in the last 3 days.  Maybe you're just resending it cause i never
> replied, i don' tknow

not me... Hell, I'm lucky if I remember to respond once ;-)

> > what does mailq say about those messages (why are they queued)?
> Have to wait for it to happen again some more, so i can look.
> A few of them are from spedia.com's mail servers being pointed to
> 192.168.x.x servers, which breaks of course.

Throw the bat book at them - makes a very good lart

> > There is, if sendmail is infact still running... AND is running in
> > queue delivery mode/

> > Things will be much nicer when you go to woody... 8.12.0 (and 8.12.1,
> > due RSN) don't fork nearly as much, and have very nice queue management
> > facilities.
> Mmmhmm.. been dabbling with testing on a machine at work, and running
> unstable at home for many months.

Don't keep me in suspense...  Have you looked at the new queueing
support, and perused /etc/mail/sendmail.conf ?

Rick Nelson
Linux ext2fs has been stable for a long time, now it's time to break it
	-- Linuxkongreß '95 in Berlin

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