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Re: Q about autofs

  Bill> Under HP-UX, SunOS, and IRIX, I could have an entry in my
  Bill> /etc/auto.master file like this:
  Bill> /net -hosts
  Bill> which would allow me to access any exported filesystem from a
  Bill> remote system by accessing
  Bill> For example: /net/rem123/export/home
  Bill> Unfortunately I haven't been able to find that same functionality
  Bill> in autofs.  Is it there and I have just missed it (I hope I hope
  Bill> I hope)?

  Alvin> hi ya bill
  Alvin> have fun playing with autofs
  Alvin> 	- what is the contents of your auto.master and
  Alvin> 	  auto.* it refers to 
  Alvin> for more info... autofs howto..
  Alvin> http://www.Linux-Consulting.com/Amd_AutoFS

I looked at the aforementioned docs and didn't find anything
really useful on autofs (as far as /net is concerned).

*BUT* I took a look at amd and found that it supports the /net
construct!  Right out of the box!

So I loaded am-utils on my box and set it up to watch /net and it
works shwell!

(For those of you interested,: Yes, I am running both autofs and
 amd on the same box, doing different things.)

Thanks a lot, Alvin!

- Bill
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