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Re: Printing in Linux

On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 10:30:25AM +0200, Erlend Bjørnson Barkbu wrote:
| I've got a Hp Laserjet 5 in my network, it is shared on a
| printserver to all the windows-machines on the network by its
| WINS-name (//server/printer-of-some-sort) .
| How can I use this printer?
| I've tried to use samba, but I cant get it right
| Does anyone have a suggestion?

This printer is actually quite nice because it can handle Postscript
Level2 natively.  Is it on a JetDirect box?  If so (like the one where
I work) you can simply install CUPS and use socket://<ip>/ and specify
the model as a "Raw Queue" (that is, no filtering -- the printer can
handle the postscript).  If not, install CUPS and the smblcient
package and use a smb:// type uri.  It should work just fine.  I can
print to the IIIp here over samba from CUPS, but I haven't tried it
with a raw queue yet (the client filters it to PCL first before giving
it to the server).


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